From event videos to short films, Shutter Socks is a devoted company with exceptional filmmaking experience and knowledge. We put our heart and soul in to everything we do every step of the way. We have expertise in weddings, events, adverts and fictional film production. If there’s anything you need, contact us. We can assist you in everything film.

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Our team has experience in everything we offer and can help you get the best out of your wedding, event or film.

Wedding Video

As standard, we will always cover the full day. Filming will begin over 2 hours before the ceremony and continue until after the first dance. This way we will have everything we need to produce the perfect story of your wedding day. We then produce the following films to be put on YouTube, Vimeo and DVD (Optional).

• Highlights film (usually 4-5 mins)
• Feature film (usually around 20-25 mins)
• The full edited ceremony
• The full edited speeches

Event Video

For every event we will cover the whole event time. Filming will begin over an hour before the event starts and can continue until an hour after the event. This way we will have everything we need to produce the perfect videos for your event. We then produce the following films to be put on YouTube, Vimeo and DVD (Optional).

• Highlights film (usually 2-5 mins)
• About film (usually around 4-10 mins)

Film Production

As filmmakers ourselves we know that shooting is tricky. We offer every member as a freelancer to help you with your needs. If you need a DOP then you can just hire out our DOP for the day. For more information about hiring us for your next film follow the link below, or contact us at the bottom of the page.


If you are interested in the latest articles in the industry, our blog is for you!

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89th Academy Awards Predictions

It’s the 89th Academy Awards tonight, so in anticipation for the event Dylan and I give our predictions on who the famous golden statue will go to. With all of us at Shuttersocks LTD having a love for all things film The Oscars are something we look forward to every year as it showcases the best […]

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Gemma & Alessandro’s Wedding

Traveling to London a day prior to the wedding I was extremely excited to have this opportunity to film what most people would say is the best day of their life. Looking at the locations the night prior with colleague Callum we both let our minds flow with creative vision. Arriving early in the morning […]

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Luke & Joanne’s Wedding

So this film was our first ever wedding, and what a wedding it was! The first thing I thought when driving up to Irnham Hall was how beautiful the venue was. I was looking left and right out the car window just letting my creative mind run wild. I parked up and met up with my […]

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David Duffin

David Duffin

Directing & Video Production

David controls the majority of the team’s web presence ensuring that our website and social media is up to date. David focuses on directing to ensure all the films that we make are the best they can be.

Dylan Oscroft

Dylan Oscroft

Post Production & Directing

Dylan is responsible for a large amount of the visual elements surrounding the Shutter Socks brand. Dylan is the lead editor of the team and supplies the visual effects, graphic design and soundtrack elements to the projects we produce.

Ryan Purchase

Ryan Purchase

Assisting Director

Ryan works closely with the the director and is key to how the film ends up. Ryan’s talents lie within his ability to enhance and progress a product, utilizing this within the company by editing scripts just before production starts as well as helping the director to make final decisions.

Ben Mycroft

Ben Mycroft

Video Production

Ben works on all kinds of projects focusing on development of new content. His fast creative thinking helps with new films. Ben also works with the camera team helping out with setting up of shots and lighting.

Dario Wilson

Dario Wilson

Directing & Script Writing

Dario specialises in developing film ideas. He also has a deep knowledge with the type of content we produce and can uses this knowledge to research for new film ideas.

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