Gemma & Alessandro's Wedding

Traveling to London a day prior to the wedding I was extremely excited to have this opportunity to film what most people would say is the best day of their life. Looking at the locations the night prior with colleague Callum we both let our minds flow with creative vision.

Arriving early in the morning at the hair salon and makeup artists to film Gemma and bridesmaids getting ready was very insightful to see everyone feeling nervous and excited for the ceremony. After arriving at the church we were met by the priest who was extremely helpful and great to talk to but as the clock ticked down and we began to prep all the shots the nervousness of the day turned into excitement. When the music started playing and everyone glanced up to see Gemma walking down the aisle, I looked to Sandro and have never seen someone look so happy to see how beautiful Gemma looked!

After the beautiful ceremony at the Holy Ghost Church, we made our way to Nightingale Square to set up for the reception which was an amazing venue decorated with flowers and fairy lights. Despite a downpour of rain the day ran to night smoothly with the speeches. Gemma brought everyone to tears with her heart warming speech about how her grandparents helped her understand love. Moving to the evening the rain held up and everyone lit the sparklers and had a good time.

Myself and Callum would like to thank Sandro and Gemma for the opportunity and hope they enjoy looking back on this amazing day for years to come.

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