In an unforgiving post-apocalyptic dystopia, a single survivor treks through unfamiliar territory in search for the cause of his amnesia.

Perdition was a film we planned for a long time and it is our first real short film. We include all the VFX that we already knew how to do and added a lot more. Find out more about this short film by click ream more.


Directed by Dylan Oscroft
Written by David Duffin, Callum Rhodes & Dylan Oscroft
Camera Operated by Dylan Oscroft and David Duffin
Cinematography by Callum Rhodes
Music by Dylan Oscroft
Makeup by Stephanie Duffin
Sound Designed by Dylan Oscroft
VFX by Dylan Oscroft


David Duffin as Richard
Ryan Purchase as Mike & Hunter
Dylan Oscroft as Victim & Hunter #2
Callum Rhodes as Infected