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Hey everyone, today I’m here to explain what certain words mean that you might see floating around online and your social media pages. Hope you like this little post!


Basically, an algorithm is a set of formulas which are made to do certain tasks, like when you surf the web. There’s an algorithm for pretty much everything! Click here to watch a cool video which explains what one is.


Social media sites use avatars all the time, and essentially it is an image that represents you. Snapchat’s bitmoji is a good example of a personal avatar.


A blog is a certain part of a website where someone or a company can post regular articles about certain topics of interest.

Check In / Geo-tagging

A feature popular on social media nowadays, in which you can announce where you are based on your current location. My friends and I recently visited Amsterdam, and we checked in to the city using this feature so our friends could see where we had travelled to.


Crowdfunding is a way of generating money for projects, like short films, from an online community. These are usually posts that explain what someone is raising money for, which are then shared to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.


Crowdsourcing is asking an online community for their opinion. Twitter polls are an example of crowdsourcing.


Video sharing social media websites such as YouTube supply an HTML code so a video can be placed on another website or blog, like WordPress, for example.


Perhaps a controversial one here, geolocation is tracking the location of someone. In a recent Snapchat update, users can now see minute by minute where their friends are on a map if they have turned the setting on.


Your name on social media which everyone sees online. For example, mine is @georgehoos. Go follow me!


A hashtag is something used on social media which relates to a certain topic or event. If I used the hashtag #everton on Twitter in a post, then it would become a part of that continuous topic. If I searched #everton, then I would see all the most recent posts containing that hashtagged word.


An image, phrase or viral concept that is used in a humorous manner online. Click here to see some examples.


An online video or audio file that is available to be streamed or downloaded. Usually episodic and rather lengthy.

QR Code

A generated 2D barcode that is used by QR scanner app via smart phone which takes a user to a website.

SEO (Social Media Optimisation)

An online marketing method to generate more traffic to a website.


A video diary. A modern take on the classic diary entry.

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