Top 5 YouTubers for Beginner Filmmakers

Now more than ever – amateur filmmaking is absolutely on fire. With the birth of YouTube back in 2006, making your imprint on the world of media is easier than ever. But what about those of you who have a massive interest in online video but don’t have the knowledge of film to back it up? Do not fear! Here’s a list of YouTube channels that I’ve followed for years to be used as inspiration or, in some cases, informative content.


Now to this day I’m still beyond surprised how many people don’t recognise the name ‘Freddie Wong’ – until I show them his content and they’re more than familiar. Freddie Wong is the very definition of a YouTube veteran, with his first upload to the ‘RocketJump’ channel (FKA ‘FreddieW’) dating over 11 years ago.

Whether it’s taking part in the RocketJump Film School series and learning firsthand the details of the film industry, or watching his old short films for inspiration – there’s definitely quite a few things to be learnt from this channel.

Indy Mogul

Indy Mogul was a personal favourite of mine and played a huge role in building my interest in online video. To my surprise while making this list it’s come to my attention that Indy Mogul have actually made a comeback after seemingly putting their content on hold a few years back.

For the most part, the channel primarily serves to teach you about DIY practical and visual effects at different tiers for their diverse audience however this is definitely a channel to check out regardless of your film knowledge.


If you’ve never heard of ‘VideoCopilot’ then you’ll have definitely heard the name ‘Andrew Kramer’ – and if you’ve never heard of Andrew Kramer then you’re definitely missing out. Or just living under a rock or something. I’d say that VideoCopilot is arguably the most helpful, and my personal favourite, YouTube channel for startup filmmakers. I wouldn’t even be able to begin telling you how many videos of mine have been inspired by these guys.

And if the video content wasn’t enough for you, they also have a history of producing some of the highest quality plugins that I’ve ever used (this isn’t an advert for VideoCopilot, I promise).

CorridorDigital / Sam and Niko

Very closely related to RocketJump and FreddieW during their earlier days, Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer make up ‘CorridorDigital’. I’ve followed Sam and Niko for longer than any other channel on this list, and I can honestly say that I’ve learnt more from observing there short films and BTS uploads than I have during film school. While, for the most part at least, Sam and Niko don’t upload tutorials for new filmmakers I believe that just simply observing their workflow is incredibly beneficial, especially for anybody interested in practising visual effects.


This one is for all of our graphic designers and animators out there. If you’re interested in animation then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with MtMograph, but for those of you who aren’t familiar – MtMograph specialises in clean, minimalist animation using Adobe After Effects. Specialising on tutorials and teaching newcomers the basics of animating in AE this channel is an absolute recommendation for amateur editors. I’ve been following MtMograph since I first started playing around with AE and have learnt things during his animation tutorials that have built my skills for other fields of postproduction.

No matter your field of expertise in media – this channel is for you.


I’d be incredibly surprised if there weren’t many of you out there who were familiar with FilmRiot. With a wide variety of shorts and tutorials in their archive to choose from, their channel is a gold mine for startup videographers and filmmakers alike.

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