The tale of a young man who has lost his temper with modern video game fads. Can he defeat his in-game nemesis before the round ends? Or will he also have to resort to using his own voice commands?XBOX Voice Commands was more of a VFX reel for us, it was our first step into adding VFX into any kind of film. Click read more to see why Dylan wrote this film.


Directed & Written by Dylan Oscroft
Co-Directed by David Duffin, Callum Rhodes and Benjamin Myecroft
Camera Operated by Dylan Oscroft and David Duffin
Produced by Dylan Oscroft
Music by Dylan Oscroft
Boom Mic Operated by Callum Rhodes
Catering by Bryony Moody
Sound Designed by Dylan Oscroft
VFX by Dylan Oscroft


David Duffin
Benjamin Myecroft
Ryan Purchase
Dylan Oscroft (Voice of Playbox)